a stunning design

by hotmooncollection

Sempli Cupa Snifter/Tumbler

The idea for the Cupa glass was born in a small wine-bar in Firenze, Italy.

Designer, Daniele Semeraro, born in Sweden and after moving to Firenze discovered the joy of wine and the essential role the wine glass played in the drinking experience.  He saw that the glass’s stem was superfluous from both an aesthetic and a technical point of view.  Designing without adding, became his philosophy and the result was the Cupa glass.
Staying true to the Italian tradition, the glasses are hand produced by the most knowledgeable glass blowers.  The swirling rotation of the glass when posed on a table is both amusing and practical; enjoy your brandy in this glass, and smell the aromas as they dissolve into their surroundings, or let your wine oxygenate in the glass in a perfect manner.

The Cupa is produced out of the purest glass containing no lead or lead oxide, making it a 100% sustainable experience.

A pair of gift boxed glasses at Hot Moon Collection in the Living section