Custodian of a Bee Colony

by hotmooncollection

In the mountains of Los Angeles we are having a perfect summer, less valley heat than normal, enough sunshine throughout the day, winds silent and the buzz of bees.

My friend Leslie had a swarm of honeybees in her garage attic, so Mr. Beeman captured the swarm in a box, and now I find myself an apiarist.

I am gathering thoughts on flower choices for my pollen loving bees, and to encourage our beautiful queen to lay her progeny.  Considering flowering times so the bees will have a continuous supply of nectar and pollen throughout the season is yummy to my prowess as a gardener.

The sweet golden honey is what attracts me to keeping my bees happy while also helping to bring back this important pollinator that has been in decline.  My honey harvest will promise friends and neighbors a jar or two of sweet ambrosia from one of nature’s wonders.

Bees are fascinating amid their industrious intricate community, and I like that they do their own thing and require of me only occasional tending.  For that we shall enjoy the fruits of my bee’s labor.My favorite gardening shirt at Hot Moon Collection