Stir Crazy

by Domenique Stewart

The cold blowy winter days are upon me!  This is the time of year when I begin to feel a little bit stir crazy.  Okay, a lot stir crazy.  Ho hum, ho hum.  Oh summertime offers so many activity choices and taking advantage of the outdoor weather is certainly something I enjoy, while wintertime for me is a time to hibernate and bake cookies.  Now, add that up and you have an extra five pounds by spring!

Some may say there are winter activities, and there are if you don’t mind strapping on some skis or snowshoes or whatever it is your favorite winter sport requires.  I don’t have a favorite winter sport.  I do sometimes take a walk in the woods or in the neighborhood on a lovely winter day.   Lazy I am not, and snow falling gently is such a pretty sight, but something about this time of year really slows me down.  Some may live where snow is not so much of an adventure or an obstacle, either way, when it comes down to it, my physiology seems to just want to hibernate.

So recently I have decided that I think I can sing.  Yes sing, and I love to dance, just a fun version of carefree movements.  I spend time searching through my shelf of eclectic music, choosing what inspires me emotionally.  I then dance about my living room and sing along when the key suits me, and yes I think I can sing and dance.  The point here is, “I think I can”.  My dancing is an assortment of 80’s dance floor, jazzercise, my own version of ‘Broadway’ and a yoga pose here and there.  Oh yes, it is quite a sight.  I have a large mirror on the wall, which provides me with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the show.  And that is enough for an hour of fun and entertainment to lift my spirits and amuse my cats.

Can you remember your favorite dance tune and how you could not resist being lifted off your feet or breaking into song.  So I step into this musical place and move my feet to the beat.  I leave the outside world behind and offer myself this period of pure and simple joy.  Today I am wearing my pearls with my favorite white robe, seems so fitting for the occasion.  I think we all deserve some fun in our life.  So lets all have a dance, shall we?  It is good for the heart, it lifts the soul, and beautifies the body.  Then I can bake cookies.