POP! 2010

by hotmooncollection

The first year of another decade to ponder, so ‘what was that about and where are we going from here.’

I believe we are hungry for new ideas with a new point of view. Always in search for that which reflects our personality and defines the activities of our lives, we yearn for a new opportunity for adornment. Design & style will relate to sustainable natural materials that reflect comfort and inspire a new journey with fresh possibilities, yet anchored in the simple and elegant.

Considering all that we have accomplished and experienced, which defines our distinctive style, let us indulge ourselves with positive thoughts and a bright ‘look’ for our creative choices in the future.  With a vivid sense of adventure, let’s explore what makes us feel gorgeously exclusive and unique.

We transform ourselves and style into an expression of all that is important to us. We take into account our choices and make decisions that are practical, responsible and beautiful. The Romans called these principles of living; “commodity, firmness and delight.”

Times have changed and we need to adapt and honor this shift in time. Sometimes through the unexpected we discover a beautiful moment that will change our perspective and possibly make us happier in life.

Embrace with me what I hope will be a very Happy New Year.

From all of us at Hot Moon Collection