The Allure of Stones and The Grace of Gold

Since ancient times jewelry has been worn not only to adorn, but to protect, heal, attract energy and enhance moods.

“Born from a great appreciation of ancient art and cultures and a fascination with the magical properties of the stones, my pieces are guided by inspiration and spontaneity from my personal journey. The creative metamorphosing into modern jewelry that has it’s own personality and sensibility respective of social responsibility.

I hand-select high carat gold for its qualities of warmth and softness, it’s honey luster. I choose my precious or semi-precious stones for their shape, energy, and power.

My work is designed to be strong, natural, one-of-a-kind pieces that can enhance the spirit as well as the wearer.” Gabriela of ¬†Ilia & Gabriela

Each piece reflects the power and beauty of the stones and the warm luster and texture of the gold, creating a truly precious treasure to cherish.

available at Hot Moon Collection

chalcedony & 22k

labradorite & 22k