The Confident You

by hotmooncollection

Most of us grew up believing we had to live up to what society thought we should be. The struggle within ourselves, the not feeling good enough for just being who we are, breaks down our self-esteem. Most women are dissatisfied with their bodies and their image and are too critical of themselves. Acceptance of true self is a beginning.

yellow_bloom_flower_9108_lWe need to transform the idealized self-image. The impossibility of being as perfect as your idealized self is frustrating your ability to find your true self. The genuine desire to better yourself guides you to accept your image as it is. We look to strengthen that which is important. Confidence needs to be acquired from within. Avoid judgment from those around you; those negative thoughts can only defeat you.  Healthy and genuine self-confidence gives peace of mind.

Embrace who you are and enjoy your shape, your size, your age.

Taking an account of what is important to you is taking a step towards making a positive change.

Feel and be healthy by taking care to eat properly, exercise, meditate to reduce stress and cultivate gratitude.

Healthy eating is enjoying what you eat and knowing that you’re giving your body everything it needs. As we age our metabolism shifts, small changes can make a big difference. It is not about depriving yourself of the foods you love but more about eating foods that give you energy and keep you healthy. Eat a variety of foods, watch your portions and limit sugars, salts and refined foods. Listen to your body, know when you are satisfied and not stuffed.

Exercise, you have to do what you like, otherwise you won’t stay with it; a sunset walk with your dog or a friend, gardening, yoga or learn a new sport, reestablish an old one. Exercise improves your energy and feelings of well-being.

Make a list of what is most important to you and what you value most. Start to recognize the possibilities for your life. Too often we conceive negative thoughts and fears that we hope to avoid and we try to defend against, we need to turn that around.

Change your language, words are powerful. Take responsibility for your negative voice  and begin to erase your self-defeating thoughts.

Transformation will take perseverance and pursuit. Nurturing the mind and body you will become vibrantly alive.

Live grow and be.