15×15 Patchwork With Prestige

by hotmooncollection

15+x+15+By+BuskVadum+No.+9 A new concept on a traditional garment, the tunic, by the Danish design house Buskvadum.

The style is from exclusive leftover designer silk fabrics from couture houses throughout the fashion world, all numbered by hand and all being unique, no 2 are identical.

By cutting the silk into squares of 15 x 15 cm, you achieve a fabulous patchwork with styles that come out in very different variations.

“I think this is what people love. Using beautiful fabric leftovers, not wasting anything.  It makes this collection ‘green’
and reflecting time so well.”    Charlotte Vadum, designer

15×15 by Buskvadum

now at http://www.hotmooncollection.com